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Bani & Ronak{Sikh Wedding}

Day 4

Ronak & Bani started their day early to prepare for their first of two wedding ceremonies. The first taking place at the beautiful Gurdwara Sahib in San Jose for their Sikh wedding. Handsome turbans, intricately designed gowns that sparkle with detailed embroidery, soft light and singular moments captured between these two were abundant and easy to find.


Bani & Ronak {Haldi}

Day 3

Both Ronak & Bani gathered with the family and friends to participate in a Haldi ceremony. During the ceremony both are showered with blessings and gifts, along with being smeared in tumeric paste to help keep them safe and protected before their wedding day. This paste also helps to give the skin a healthy “glow”! Bani also received her kaleere bangles from her close family members and friends. These are many layered gold bracelets that hang long and heavy that dangle from a bangle on her wrists. She played a game with her girlfriends, crashing the bangles together above their heads in hopes that piece would fall onto the lucky head of one of the girls…indicating that their time to wed would come soon! 

First Ronak…

And Bani…


Bani & Ronak {Sangeet}

Day Two

What a beautiful evening at the Castlewood Country Club in Pleasanton, California! Guests were invited to a fabulous meal, cocktails and entertainment which included choreographed dances performed by family and friends, hilarious games and Bani arranged to have a special bar set up with sparkling bangles for guests to take home.


Bani & Ronak {Mehndi}

It has been a long photography journey and I have had many wonderful years that were jam packed with family photo sessions, spectacular weekends in Puerto Rico, holding newborn babies swaddled in soft white sheets & ultimately standing in front of a couple surrounded by their loved ones as they say their vows to each other all the while I smother my own face into the back of the camera holding back my own tears because in all of these moments I have had the amazing opportunity and luck to be a part of their lives and feel a special bond and connection. This wedding that I will be showcasing in the next few days will be my last wedding and Bani & Ronak will forever hold a special place in my heart. I made sure to soak it all in, every moment as this was such a pleasure to end my photography career. This was such an incredibly intimate and affectionate family to work with and every event was filled with so much love and joy. Thank you Chaudhary & Patel family and friends for giving me so much love and making my time with you so memorable!

Day One…

Bani & Ronak kicked off their wedding week with a mehndi party where both sides of the families gathered together in their homes to celebrate and prepare with henna before the wedding ceremonies that would take place in the days to come. Music, laughter and beautiful floral henna was around every corner.



Jenne & Iran {WEDDING} August 20, 2016

Jenne & Iran joined together with their family and friends to say some soulful vows, with a setting Santa Cruz sun and ocean waves crashing off in the distance. It was a beautiful wedding and a beautiful night filled with tears, laughter, samba and of course capoeira.

What an incredible experience…to be a part of their journey, to be a part of their story…. love you both, Sara






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